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I dream of:

Salt water explorations through the San Juan Islands; inhaling the rich saltwater aroma and feeling healthy; being a little nosy and drifting by Lake Union's houseboats (rent the little putt putts with the canopy on top); reading the graffiti as you go through the cut from the latest graduating classes.

I think of:

Developing downtown waterfront (www.waterfrontseattle.org); fantasy homes on our shorelines and storybook cottages; my trips to the southern hemisphere and warm, blue lagoons (coming home feeling grateful for the hardy Palm Trees and Meyer lemon trees now available in our Northwest); fishing on Puget Sound and reeling in a 35lb white king salmon; eating dinner at a restaurant at water's edge...at one with marine life, swooping eagles, sunsets and good food.

I wish for:

Friends who have boats; sunny days at Fay Bainbridge State Park walking on the logs; the days of yore in stall 42 at the Marina Mart (the moorage next to the man who hated to mow his lawn and installed a bank of green cement ~ alas, the marriage did not survive); safe boating and responsible captains.

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